showboxShowbox APK download is what you need to get the best and the latest videos available to date and online. And if you are the one who spends a lot of time binge-watching movies and TV shows, this app is your fix.

The Showbox APK is free and offers unlimited video content of all sizes, date, and genre. There is no need for any subscription and registration just to use the app. Just tap to open the app and go crazy with millions of videos available for you. No need to install multiple video streaming apps just to get all your favorite shows. All the titles that you will need are right here in this app and on the palm of your hands.

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Name Showbox 5.10
Size 38.82 MB
Requirement Android 4.0+
Author Showbox Team

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How to Download and Install Showbox APK

download showbox

The Showbox APK is not available on Google Play Store. That means you will be getting it from our official website.

And since you will be getting the APK file here and not from Play Store, the installation procedure will be a bit different. If you have not yet tried to install an APK file outside of Play Store, this tutorial will help you learn how.

  1. From your smartphone web browser, tap on the download button we provided in this page to initiate the download.
  2. When the download finishes, go to Settings then Security.
  3. Find the Unknown Sources. Tap on it and enable.
  4. Now find the APK file and tap on it to start the installation.
  5. Wait for a few seconds to finish the installation.
  6. Now go to the app drawer and find the app icon.
  7. Tap the icon to open the app.
  8. You may now use the app and enjoy unlimited movie time.


  • Beautiful and straightforward graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Use immediately without having to register or subscribe to any service.
  • No need to sign up to the app so you will not have to be bound by monthly mail service or provide any personal information.
  • Shows all videos in the list. You may arrange the list alphabetically, chronologically, date, and size.
  • Download videos as much as you want without bandwidth limit.
  • It is free to download here and use as much and as long as you want.

What is Showbox?

The Showbox app is a video streaming app that offers a huge library of online videos from TV shows, Sports channels, documentaries, and movies.

Aside from watching online videos from the app, the app also allows offline streaming. This means that any user can download the video content and save it locally on your device.

The best thing about this video streaming app is that it does not require any registration. And yes, we do not also require the user to subscribe so you will not have to worry about it having a catch. You get to watch all the available videos online without a fee. Not a single penny has to come out from your pocket because we will not charge you for anything. Just use the app responsibly.

You can see the latest and the most recent movies. As long as it is already available to watch online, rest assured that it will be available on the app library.

Is It Legal?

Basically, any video streaming app has legality issues to some countries as it uses video content not quite in line with some copyright laws. That means when you use the app, you should use it on your own discretion and privately. Do not distribute its content on your social media app.

Use only any video streaming app for personal use only. Use it when you are hanging out with friends, family, or when you are alone. Even the videos that you downloaded from the app are for your personal use only. You may share the app but not its video content.

Is It Safe?

Even though Showbox app is not available on Google Play Store it is safe. Google Play Store does not tolerate applications that allow download of videos due to copyright laws and everything.

This video streaming app is safe to use just as long as you download the app from this official website. Rest assured that the APK file and the app are 100% safe and will not cause any harm to your Android device.

In Conclusion

The Showbox app is currently one of the best video streaming apps available for the Android operating system. It gives an unprecedented number of video titles that will keep you hooked for days and days. And all of those contents are offered with no strings attached.

In terms of credibility, the app is quite reputable. Considering its popularity and the number of downloads for the app is a testament that this is safe for everybody. Do not download the APK file from other sites. This is the one and only home of Showbox app.

Popularity attracts all types of entities, and so it cannot be avoided that other sites will offer infected apps. That is why we recommend that you download the app from this website alone.

What are your favorite features from this app? How long do you usually use a video streaming app to fix your entertainment needs? Tell us in the comment section below. We love to know your thoughts.

For questions about today’s topic, feel free to leave your messages in the comment section. We will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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