5 Best Apps Like Showbox (Free Showbox Alternatives)

Showbox is a great video streaming tool. That is why it is the main go-to for millions of people worldwide. But even our beloved Showbox app has some downsides at times too. One of the most common issues is when some servers go down for quite some time. Whenever this happens, the worst part is when your favorite shows are only accessible through that server. So you will have no choice but to miss it for a while.

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Issues like that have no quick remedies but to wait out when the servers go live again. Even shifting to Showbox for PC won’t fix it. But there is still something that you can do. You may try out some of the best Showbox alternatives available online. They may not be as complete as the Showbox iOS App, but they are good enough to use for a while.

Now, we all know that there are hundreds of video streaming apps online. But by now, you should realize that most of them are either paid for premium, with limited features, or simply just a useless app. They pretend that they can deliver pure entertainment, but you’ll find out soon enough when you start using them that they are actually just garbage app.

To keep you from downloading fake apps, we will provide you with a short list of the best Showbox alternatives. Some of them are similar to Showbox features, and some have less but still good enough as an alternative.

Best Showbox Alternatives

This list consists of video streaming apps that are highly rated and have been tested by thousands and even millions of users. These apps are selected from various apps with similar features but rose as best among the rest. So if your curiosity is at its peak, let’s now show you the best Showbox alternatives you can download right now.


  • Vidmate is worth considering as it is not just an almost all-in-one video streaming apps, but it is also free to download and use. It can deliver the same video streaming capabilities as Showbox with some quirks and some bugs as well.
  • One of the great things about Vidmate is that it can download multiple videos at once. You can even download videos in different formats.
  • With Vidmate, you can watch live TV with less to zero buffering. Thanks to is sophisticated video rendering that makes it possible for high quality streaming with manageable compression. This way, the device will not be into so much strain despite its video compression technology.
  • If you are wondering, Vidmate can also function even on 2G and 3G internet data. So even if you are outside and you need to watch your favorite show, you can still watch it using your SIM card data capability.
  • There is Vidmate app version for iOS that works for iPhone and iPad, but they are not as complete as the one for Android.


  • Videoder is short for video downloader. It works as you might have expected by video streaming and video downloading.
  • It comes with Android and Windows app version.
  • Copy and paste the URL of the video to start the download.
  • Supports download of videos from the Videoder interface itself.
  • Be able to play any video that you can find online but it works best for YouTube and similar sites.
  • Easy to control with a user-friendly interface. One look and you can figure out exactly what to do with little to no fuss.
  • Videoder demands low-resource on device hardware so you will be able to open other apps like Facebook Messenger or other social media apps while using the app.
  • You will not encounter annoying ads that block your view when watching on the app.
  • Download videos to MP3 within the app itself. No need to download extra app or plugin. Everything is down within the app.
  • Supports video resolution from 140p up to 4K as long as the video source supports it.
  • Free to download and use for life.


  • MovieBox is one of the closest apps in terms of similarities to Showbox app. So using the MovieBox should feel familiar and at home.
  • It has an extensive video library that includes TV shows, documentaries, anime, and all movie genres that you can think of.
  • Easily search according to title, genre, and date.
  • View film ratings and reviews if you want to have a hint and idea if the show or movie is good enough to watch or has an interesting story plot.
  • Download fan arts, wallpapers, and artworks. This is best for movie fans that love keeping memorabilia and using their wallpaper for their smartphone devices.
  • You may create a watch list for future releases and watched list for videos you already watched. This way, you will not have to see the same videos again when you search for new releases.
  • The MovieBox is also free to use as much as you want without restriction and as fast as your internet bandwidth can deliver.


  • Mobdro is a great video streaming app that goes on par with Showbox app.
  • The only downside is it is a free app but with limited features. If you want to go all out and use all its features and extra functionalities just pay for premium version.
  • Download videos as much as you want within the app (Premium).
  • Enjoy the user-friendly interface for easy navigation and control.
  • The Mobdro app supports bookmark so you can always get back to where you left off with your watching.
  • Share the app with your friends and family. And if you are all in the same app, you can share with them what you are currently watching so they will be able to watch the same video at the same time.
  • Arrange all the videos according to a category, genre, and access search history within the app.
  • Supports video quality from 360p up to 1080p resolution.
  • Watch popular channels like HBO, Comedy Central, Start Sports, and Animal Planet.


  • Snaptube is the last one on this list because it is considered the best alternative for Showbox app.
  • It not only allows for video streaming, but it is also able to convert videos to MP3 without having to install third-party apps or extra plug-ins.
  • Download videos without limit and as much as your device internal memory can handle.
  • Manage your library of downloaded videos so you can access them any time you want with just a tap or two.
  • Choose the best resolution that will suit your internet speed, available device memory, and device screen resolution.
  • The Snaptube app is free without ads and annoying pop-up third-party games.

In Conclusion

There go the five various great apps that can function as an alternative for the Showbox app. They are all useful with the best features that you can find within Showbox and any other video streaming apps. So any app you choose will surely work best for you.

In today’s question, which one do you think will be the best alternative for Showbox? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. And if you have already tried out some of the apps in this list, how was your experience with it? Do you think you can recommend that app here?

If you want to ask some questions, feel free to leave a message in the comment section down below. We will make sure that we will answer them as soon as possible. And please do not forget to share this article with people you know that want great entertainment on the palm of your hands.

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